BART announces plan to increase fares by 3.4 percent in 2016

Opinion: Enough Already, Let’s Keep BART Running

BART plans to increase fares by 3.4-percent in January 2016.

The increase is part of an inflation-based program to fund the agency’s capital needs, BART said.

In 2013, BART’s board voted to increase fares every even-numbered year through 2020, with the condition that the additional ticket revenue goes specifically toward replacing and expanding the agency’s fleet of rail cars and improving its automated train control system and maintenance facility.

The amount of the increase is determined by averaging national and local cost of living data over a two-year period, then subtracting 0.5-percent to account for BART’s productivity improvements. the agency said.

BART is seeking input from riders about the fare increase. Click here for more information and to take an online survey.

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