RPD saves time, money washing its vehicles by employing diligent disabled workers

Richmond police chief says department plans to discontinue 'predictive policing' software

Hard to argue against this sort of outsourcing.

Since 2013, the Richmond Police Department has been using a local nonprofit employing intellectually and developmentally disabled adults to wash its fleet of vehicles.

On Tuesday, RPD will ask Richmond City Council to approve another contract with the nonprofit, Contra Costa ARC, of no more than $25,000 for continued car-washing services through June of next year.

RPD says employing disabled folks to wash its cars has been an effective, cost-saving service. A supervisor with the nonprofit oversees workers as they wash cars on a part-time basis at RPD headquarters at 1701 Regatta Blvd.

“Their on-site car washing service provides for each vehicle to have a professional and clean appearance while minimizing the time officers would be out of service waiting for their vehicles to be washed elsewhere,” police stated in their council agenda item.

Contra Costa ARC, which was incorporated in 1965. provides direct services and employment opportunities to special needs folks, helping them reach their highest potential for independence. Police say the group has a “strong reputation” for providing high quality, cost-effective services to Bay Area businesses.