Mock ‘dirty bomb’ drill to bring hundreds of soldiers, airmen, police and fire officials to Richmond

Mock 'dirty bomb' drill will bring more than 200 soldiers, airmen, police and fire officials to Richmond
Photo: National Guard

A “dirty bomb” will be located in Richmond on Saturday, April 11, and more than 200 soldiers, airmen, local law enforcement and firefighting personnel will descend upon the city in order to defuse the situation — as part of an emergency response exercise, thankfully.

The daylong exercise, hosted by the El Cerrito Police Department, will take place at the facility shared by Richmond and El Cerrito fire departments at 3506 Cutting Blvd., the California National Guard announced Friday.

More than 100 soldiers and airmen belonging to the California National Guard’s 49th Military Police Brigade, based in Fairfield, will conduct decontamination, medical, explosive ordnance disposal and security training. The El Cerrito and Richmond police and fire departments and the Contra Costa County Office of Emergency Services will take part.

“This is a great opportunity for us all to get together and explore the resources each agency offers,” El Cerrito police Lt. Steve Bonini said in a statement. “The important thing is that we get this training done now so we’ll be prepared to work together should an incident occur.”

The 49th Military Police Brigade is home to FEMA’s Region IX Homeland Response Force (HRF), which is composed of military police, engineers, medical and chemical corps soldiers and airmen. It responds to both manmade and natural emergencies in a territory of more than 400,000 acres, encompassing California, Arizona, Nevada, Hawaii and U.S. islands and territories across the Pacific Ocean.


  1. Those “anti cs” do look impressive. “Anti C” is short for anti contamination and refers to those nice plastic or cloth coveralls. What they allow is keeping the radioactive PARTICLES (contamination) off you, your clothes and out of your lungs and digestive track. Don’t you wish you had some? They DO NOT keep you from being zapped by the radioactivity. That takes lead, water, thick steel plating, lots of concrete or maybe even borated plastic.

    But they do look good and I guess they make people feel good. Feel better until the vomiting starts anyway.

  2. I thought we had the alphabet soup groups to prevent problems over here. If the cia, fbi, atf, can’t prevent anything why again do we have them?

    Looks like we are being trained just to accept anything and pay taxes.

  3. Don’t think I the so called terrorists wanted blow us up with a so called ‘dirty bomb’ they would have atleast tried by now?

    • Maybe, but why do you think Obama is letting Iran build a nuclear bomb? So someone could use it against us. This falls right in line with jade helm, and what happened in fort Lauderdale. Do some research and see that the government is not the people’s friend right now. Prepare for martial law and fight tooth and nail to stop the takeover.

  4. Something to consider: Just about every false flag attack (such as 9/11 and Oklahoma City) and hoax attack (such as Sandy Hook and the Boston Marathon “bombing”) has been accompanied or immediately preceded by a drill identical to the “real” attack.

  5. “The 49th Military Police Brigade is home to FEMA’s Region IX Homeland Response Force (HRF), which is composed of military police, engineers, medical and chemical corps soldiers and airmen”.

    What a CROCK – more of the “FEMA Camps” mythology.

    The DEPARTMENT OF DEFENSE’S Homeland Response Force is ALIGNED with FEMA’s ten established regions in the U.S., and is CONTROLLED by the DEPARTMENT OF DEFENSE, as follows:

    “DoD plans to establish 10 National Guard-sourced HRFs will be comprised of National Guard soldiers and airmen. Regionally oriented, each of the 10 HRFs will be hosted by one state in each of the FEMA regions”.

    Bottom line: the HRFs are ALIGNED with the FEMA regions for FEMA’s support, NOT to manage or direct.

    Having FEMA manage and direct anything like a HRF or a mythical “FEMA Camp” would be laughable at least, pathetic at the best. They don’t have the authority, ability, or dedicated manpower to do it.

    And believe me, I KNOW, oh, do I know…..

  6. @Holdon McGroin

    LOL. It’s all theatre, a horse & pony show. They have to put up a front to make people believe their govt wants to protect them, especially after they LET 911 happen.

    Look into all the strange deaths (not health related) of the people close to, or investigating the story; Dr. David Graham, Kenneth Johanneman, and 911 widow Beverly Eckert. And that’s just for starters.

  7. Richmond????

    I hope they are issuing live rounds to the soldiers and reminding them to lock the doors on their vehicles.

  8. Dirty bombs do not work how the gov’t would like us all to believe. It is impossible for a conventional bomb to disperse radioactive material kinetically past the span of the actual explosion. No atoms are splitting so a real nuclear explosion has no possibility to occur. It would be a harmful as putting a bomb in a whale. SO if this drill is any real indication of anything it would be indicative of a false flag deployment of a tactical nuke said to have been smuggled through our porous border.

  9. This is to get the public used to seeing soldiers on the street. Judging by the comments, there are more people awake and aware than I thought. Everybody grab your video cameras and lets go get some footage!

  10. There is one thing in common with every dirty, tragic event in history that points back to government/CIA involvement. There was always a drill being executed at the time of the event that took the lives of innocent people. I smell a foul rat, and that rat is the protectors of freedom and liberty, or so we have been taught to believe. They are broadcasting the announcement of a dirty bomb they have extracted from Malmstrom, Dyess, Barksdale and South Carolina airbases where the missing nuclear missiles passed through on their way to “disappearing”. Not to mention the airmen who were killed to keep things under wrap, and generals removed for petty crimes(they refused to go along with the evil).

  11. And announcing it beforehand is real smart, too. So the no-good-niks will know all the emergency response teams, fire and police in the area will be tied up and busy that day.

    WHY do we need this?

  12. “National Capital Region residents offer insights into behavior during …” is the article name. The page ( newsroom/ releases/ 2010/ misc/ ncr_behaviorstudy_final.cfm) no longer exists. However, a search reveals its first line: “New Survey details what people would do in ‘dirty bomb’ attacks.” Perhaps now a different Richmond is being “surveyed.” I will pray for your town.

  13. They are prepping everybody for the Isis dirty bomb peeps.. Come on now, you dont know this as much as they have been advertising these devils on the nightly news??

  14. […] Rumor has it that a “dirty bomb” will be positioned in Richmond on Saturday, April 11, and more than 200 soldiers, airmen, local law enforcement and firefighting personnel will infiltrate the metropolis in order to defuse the predicament – as part of an emergency response training. […]