Chicago group supporting NIAD Art Center students by helping to sell their work

NIAD Art Center to host live music Saturday afternoons during the fall

The impressive artists who ply their trade at Richmond’s NIAD Art Center are now having their works sold by Chicago’s We Are Lions, a philanthropic group that sells art in order to support organizations aiding those with disabilities.

We Are Lions (WAL) informed the Richmond Standard of the exciting partnership on Thursday.

As we’ve told you time and again, the NIAD Art Center is famous for providing a space for disabled artists to thrive, and also for producing great artwork. The center has become a must-see for art enthusiasts passing through Richmond.

With help from WAL, more work from NIAD Art Center artists will be displayed on the walls of homes and businesses across the nation. According to WAL’s website, 50-percent of the revenue from art purchases goes to the artists and non-profits that support the artwork.

“WAL has become involved with [NIAD Art Center] through featuring some of its students’ work for purchase,” the organization said in a statement.

Check here for more information on the artists benefiting from the partnership . Featured artists from NIAD Art Center include Deatra Colbert, Sylvia Fragoso, Billy White, Dorian Reid and Susan Wise.