Co-working space opens across the street from Hotel Mac

Co-working space pops up across the street from Hotel Mac
Co-working space to open in the Mariner Square building.

Another co-working space has opened in Richmond, a trend Mayor Tom Butt hopes will continue.

The Mariner Square Co-Working Space, which is located across the street from the Hotel Mac in the Mariner Square building, is now seeking tenants for office and cubicle spaces.

For monthly membership fees ranging between $150 and $741, tenants will have a space to work along with high-speed Internet, conference facilities, copier, printer and parking access.

“Whether you are the next billion dollar start-up or just need to get out of the house to a professional working environment where you can meet others doing the same thing, Mariner Co-Working is the affordable solution,” according to a letter from Karen Jewell of Point Richmond-based MSH Group.

Butt says Mariner Square offers “a way for individuals and start-ups to grow businesses and to collaborate.”

The mayor, a veteran architect, has more than one reason to hope the co-working business succeeds: The property is owned by Mariner Square Joint Venture, in which Butt owns an interest.

As more start-up companies pop up in an increasingly costly Bay Area, co-working spaces are becoming popular.

“There is an unmet demand for micro office spaces in Richmond,” Butt said. “In the end, these are incubators and job creators, part of my strategy to grow business in Richmond.”

The Mariner Square venture comes after one of the East Bay’s largest co-working space — TopLine — moved into a location near Craneway Pavilion in June.

The Mariner Square building was born out of partnerships that led to the purchase of two partially vacant properties in the 1970s and 1980s. Interactive Resources, the company that Butt co-founded, provided architectural and structural engineering services for the building, which was eventually constructed in 1999. The building is named after the Mariner Tavern, a famous rowdy bar and Hell’s Angels hangout that once occupied a neighboring building.

Those interested in memberships at the Mariner Square Co-Working Space should contact Jewell at (510) 215-5134 or Here are monthly rates for its spaces: