Richmond residents invited to watch solar installation at Atchison Village Saturday

Richmond residents encouraged to attend pilot project solar installation at Atchison Village
Photo courtesy of GRID Alternatives

A 1.1 kilowatt solar system is set to be installed on an Atchison Village home on Saturday as part of a pilot project to provide free or low-cost solar electric systems to more than 140 Richmond homeowners.

GRID Alternatives, a national nonprofit solar installer, has partnered with the City of Richmond to invest $2.2 million toward the solar installations.

Now the city wants residents to join the pilot project. Those interested are encouraged to see the installation in progress by visiting Atchison Village on Macdonald Avenue on Saturday between 1 p.m. and 3 p.m.

The 1.1 kilowatt solar system is “expected to offset the home’s utility costs by $9,300 and prevent 30 tons of greenhouse gas emissions,” officials said.

It was also designed to have “minimal visual impact” so that Atchison Village’s historic character won’t be comprised, Mayor Tom Butt said in a statement.

“Installing solar at Atchison Village is an opportunity to preserve history and promote progress,” Butt said. “I hope the entire village participates in the program to demonstrate the importance of both Richmond’s rich history and evolution to green energy.”

Interested Richmond homeowners should call 510-731-1333 or email to find out if they qualify to receive free or low-cost solar.