Community Views: City of Richmond “Health in All Policies” strategy acknowledged by UC Berkeley

RPD's summer crime prevention fair Saturday offers food, fun and signatures for fix-it tickets

The City of Richmond was recognized last week at the UC Berkeley Chancellor’s Community Leaders Breakfast. The following was published in City Manager Bill Lindsay’s weekly report:

As you may recall, the City Council has adopted a Health in All Policies strategy and ordinance to help advance the health of all Richmond residents while promoting greater health equity for specific population groups currently experiencing poor health outcomes.  This strategy begins with the premise that everyday decisions and municipal services provided by the City of Richmond can promote greater opportunities for the entire community to make healthy decisions.

The Health in All Policies strategy was acknowledged today at the 6th Annual UC Berkeley Chancellor’s Community Leaders Breakfast, which celebrates achievements in campus community partnerships.  This particular partnership is between the City of Richmond and the UC Berkeley Department of City and Regional Planning and School of Public Health, tapping into the research by faculty member Dr. Jason Corburn.

Of note, the Chancellor took the opportunity to restate his commitment to development of the Berkeley Global Campus at Richmond Bay, and his commitment to this new campus providing significant benefits to the Richmond community.  Mayor Tom Butt and the City Manager were asked to make remarks at this event, which was attended by community leaders from both Berkeley and Richmond.