Feb 10, 2015

A 50-year-old robbery suspect was arrested inside a Richmond liquor store on Sunday after a retired cop recognized him from her days on the beat and coordinated a police response.

Debbie Noonen, who worked for the RPD for more than two decades, continues to make Richmond safer by monitoring the police department’s CCTV surveillance cameras, which are aimed at high-crime locations in the city, police Lt. Andre Hill said Tuesday.

As Noonen monitored the system about 5:20 p.m. Sunday, she spotted a man known to police, 50-year-old Romell Post of Richmond, walking into Brothers Liquor and Market at 3717 Wall St., Hill said.

Noonen not only remembered Post from her days on the job, she was aware of a police bulletin that identified him as a suspect in a recent robbery, Hill said.

Noonen “coordinated the response,” Hill said.

Post was arrested in the liquor store without incident.

Law enforcement experts say the CCTV monitoring has led to swift police responses to criminal activity and wanted individuals. The practice of hiring retired police veterans to do the job has been successful, Hill said.

“Not only can they recognize when crimes are occurring, but in some cases they remember the old-time crooks from the days they worked,” Hill said.


  1. Does she have access to the monitors in her home?

    Charles T. Smith | Feb 10th, 2015
  2. They should have selected citizens with access to the city cameras streamed to their computers. The more eyes,the better

    Carl p | Feb 10th, 2015
  3. I remember Debbie she was on patrol when I was in the Easter Hill housing project. I still have the flower seeds she gave me still have nit had chance to plant them yet. She was an excellent officer. She put faith back into policing when she would sit out front making sure we could get a good night sleep. I really appreciated her effort. However,I was very disappointed when she left after they came shooting tbe place up everyone left and left us up their except the one other cop cant remember his name but he would always be out therer every morning making sure we got going safe. After that it was a fiasco. I didnt know abut the histiry of Richomond until I moved where I am know for 10yrs. I understand know what families have had to go through trying to make it. I wirked went to school my daughter worked summers and I was able to helo my sin get on his feet. The housing authority let us down really bad. I just can not expressed the anger and frustration in the cinduct of those who were suppose to be assisting residence in the future steos that are benifits for eligible residents. They are taking one of the best programs that has ever been introduced to thousands of American’s. Its just really sad. Its was a terrible thing they allowed to happen to so many families. Where are these families now. And what happened to the programs and resources that was terminated because of the violence and shootings that were happening regularly. No one has every said a thing about what happened as if it was normal. Thanks Debbie for all your effort.

    sosab0012 | Feb 10th, 2015

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