Retired Chevron Engineer Helps Seriously Ill Children Keep Up With Schoolwork

Jerry Brody, a retired Chevron engineer, has been tutoring patients at Children's Hospital Oakland in math twice-a-week for the past fifteen years. Photo credit: NBC

Jerry Brody might not be a doctor or nurse, but he still performs miracles for patients at Children’s Hospital Oakland, according to NBC Bay Area.

NBC featured Brody, a retired Chevron engineer, in a recent story about how Brody has volunteered his time twice a week for 15 years to tutor patients in math – a service that’s changed lives for many young people.

One such patient, Jaime Esquival, is a 22-year-old math major at the University of Nevada Reno, who credits Brody with influencing his course of study and the direction of his life.

Esquival spent hours with Brody as a young boy while he was battling an aggressive form of cancer. Thanks to Brody, Esquival excelled at math, despite missing all of second grade and some of sixth.

“Anybody who dedicates himself to help people like that,” Esquival told NBC, “can have a significant mark on their life. And that’s just what happened to me.”

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