Weekly West County recycling and composting collection to begin March 2

Weekly West County recycling and composting collections to begin March 2

Curbside collection of recycling and composting bins in West County will go from bi-weekly to weekly starting March 2 at no additional cost to ratepayers.

The City of Richmond Environmental and Health Initiatives secured the enhanced service following negotiations last year with Republic Services.

Green and blue carts will now be picked up weekly, which will save money for ratepayers who choose to downsize their trash bin size. Downsizing from a 35-gallon container to a 20-gallon version would save ratepayers about six dollars monthly, or $72 annually.

Customers are encouraged to call Republic at (510) 262-7100 to make service change requests.

All bins — black, green and blue — will be picked up at the same scheduled collections time every week.