West County families encouraged to attend free K-12 education fair in Richmond on Feb. 7

WCCUSD holding 'Back to School Night' events for parents starting Thursday
Parents can find out more about public schools and other education programs at the free Education Fair at the Nevin Community Center Saturday.

The community is encouraged to attend a free education fair on Feb. 7 where families can learn about quality K-12 education options for their children.

The second annual West Contra Costa County Education Fair will run from noon to 3 p.m. at the Nevin Community Center at 598 Nevin Ave. in Richmond.

West County parents and guardians can apply to have their children attend safe public schools, speak with trained college advisers, enroll in youth programs and watch children’s performances, according to the Chamberlin Family Foundation, which aims to improve K-12 public education through smart investments.

Last year, about 300 people attended the inaugural fair held in the community library in Richmond. Julie Wright, executive director of the Chamberlin Family Foundation, shared with us a touching story from that successful event:

“I vividly remember one Richmond mother, three kids in tow, who thought she was just coming to the library with her children that day to read books. She saw the balloons for the Fair, ambled over, thinking maybe her young students might have a chance for a few free books. I remember her tearful departure. She said she got something much better than free books: she had new hope and three new schools for her children to attend for the coming year! It was a moment.”

At this year’s event, families will be greeted by even more information tables and free schools, along with a credit union that does college financial counseling and scholarship programs, Wright said. The Cal Berkeley College Advisors will again attend to help parents and students understand the complex state university requirements and application process, she added.

Attendees will receive free giveaways, and the first 100 to show up will additionally receive prizes.

“Twenty minutes could change your child’s future,” the foundation declared in the flyer below.

For more information about the fair, email information@cffoundation.com.