Interesting facts about Richmond from Mayor Tom Butt’s State of the City

Interesting facts about Richmond from Mayor Tom Butt's State of the City

Richmond Mayor Tom Butt stated a lot of ambitious goals in his well-received State of the City address Tuesday, many of which you’ll read about, or have already read about, in the Richmond Standard.

We’ve decided to start with the fun facts. What follows is a list of tidbits from the State of the City address that we thought residents may not know about or may find interesting. For those who attended the State of the City or watched it online here, let us know what else we should add to our list. Some facts may lack context. We aim to explore them in further detail throughout this year:

An online copy of the mayor’s PowerPoint presentation can be found here.

1. Richmond has 254 acres of city parks, which does not meet the adopted standard of 3 acres per 1000 residents, with most of the park space deficiency in the city’s core. Projects like those along the Richmond Greenway are looking to fix that.

2. Richmond has 5,478 acres of regional parks in or adjacent to the city, about 3,000 of which are on its waterfront.

3. The Rosie the Riveter WWII Home Front National Historical Park museum doubled its visitation rate in 2014 after installation of permanent exhibits.

4. Richmond has about 1,600 private boats, nine marinas and three yacht clubs and is at 90-percent occupancy.

5. Richmond’s population is currently estimated at about 108,000.

6. Richmond’s unemployment rate at the end of November was 9.4 percent, “what it was 10 years ago,” Butt says. The national unemployment rate at the same time last year was 5.5-percent, and California’s was 7.2-percent.

7. In the last four years, Richmond employment increased by more than 5,000 jobs.

8. Companies employing the most people in Richmond: Chevron 3,536; West Contra Costa Unified School District: 1,580, Social Security Administration: 1,259; US Postal Service 1,047; Contra Costa County: 844; City of Richmond: 803 (lowest in decade); The Permanente Medical Group: 686; Kaiser Foundation Hospitals: 506; Bio-Rail Laboratory: 473; Michael Stead Auto Depot Sales: 472.

9. Richmond-based companies Nutiva and Alta Vista made the list of the Bay Area’s fastest growing companies.

10. Cost to rent a 1-bedroom near BART in Richmond: $1,150 per month, and the only other location along the BART system that is cheaper is South Hayward.

11. With 7,000 LED streetlights installed, the city of Richmond cut its electricity costs for lighting in half.

12. Median home value in Richmond is $229,800, and home values have appreciated 22.3-percent over the last year.