Coach Carter the reason No. 21 Baylor played little-known school Wednesday

Richmond's Coach Carter the reason No. 21 Baylor played little-known school Wednesday
Former Richmond High Coach Ken Carter, whose tenure at RHS inspired the 2005 film Coach Carter.

College basketball experts were scratching their heads over why Baylor, a Top 25 team playing in the toughest conference in college basketball (Big 12), scheduled a game against little-known NAIA school Huston-Tillotson on Wednesday night.

The reason, it turned out, involved one of Richmond’s most famous sports heroes: Coach Ken Carter, whose tenure at Richmond High School inspired the hit 2005 film Coach Carter starring Samuel L. Jackson.

According to news reports, the coach has since moved to Marlin, Texas to open the Coach Carter Impact Academy, which is located just 30 miles from Baylor University. The coach occasionally visits Baylor practices, according to the university’s sports information director.

At one point, Coach Carter, at age 56, had actually planned to play basketball this season for Huston-Tillotson, the small black university in Austin. The hope was that crews filming a second movie about Carter could film him playing for Huston-Tillotson against a big-time college opponent. Baylor agreed to be part of the film and the game was scheduled for Wednesday.

In the end, Coach Carter didn’t end up playing on the team, so no movie footage was filmed. Wednesday’s game went on as scheduled, however, with Baylor lead Huston-Tillotson by just one point at the half. Baylor ended up pulling away in the final two quarters to win 81-61.

Fun story. Here’s the explanation Baylor’s sports information director offered to Yahoo! sports blogger Jeff Eisenberg, who shared it in a Tweet: