Man from Richmond accused of pimping underage girls from jail pleads guilty

Sheriff set to explain plans to add 480 beds at Richmond jail, increasing population to more than 1,000

A pimp from Richmond accused of prostituting girls across the U.S. — even while serving time in a Virginia jail — pleaded guilty Thursday to sex trafficking a 15-year-old, the FBI said.

Lenny Paul Haskins, aka “2 Much,” whose cities of residences include Las Vegas and Richmond, faces a maximum of life in prison after accepting a plea agreement with federal prosecutors.

Since at least 2005, prosecutors say, the 34-year-old pimp’s income primarily derived from prostituting women and girls in numerous cities in nine states, including California.

In June, he met the 15-year-old and a 17-year-old, both runaways from foster care, at a hotel in Sacramento, where he gave them marijuana and eventually recruited them to work for him, authorities said. He also performed sex acts with them, the FBI said.

Two months later, Haskins had the victims take a bus to Herndon, Va., to work as prostitutes. He posted ads selling the girls on The girls used money transfers to pay Haskins their earnings.

That same month, however, Haskins was busted by Las Vegas police on various charges, including failure to appear in court, but that did not stop him from continuing to run his seedy business, the FBI said.

He reportedly placed phone calls from jail to the girls, and the girls transferred their earnings to his jail commissary account.

Haskins has a long rap sheet dating back a decade, with previous offenses pertaining to narcotics, weapons, robbery and prostitution, the FBI said.