Dec 22, 2014
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Richmond native RBC Bugzy is gaining attention for his latest mixtape, Richmen, which debuted last week.

A writer with praised the lyricist’s latest effort, calling Bugzy “one of the most consistent and versatile rappers in the Bay Area.” said Richmen delivers the “street lyricism and storytelling that we’ve come to appreciate from the young emcee.”

“The project finds Bugzy rattling off bars about the reality of growing up in Richmond and his aspirations within the music world,” according to

A line in the chorus of the title track sums up Bugzy’s intention for the 16-track project: “Welcome to Richmond. Same ole’ thing, trying to get rich, man.”

The artist said when he talks about being “rich,” he doesn’t necessarily mean money.

“To me rich is happiness,” Bugzy told us. “If what you are doing in life makes you happy, and you can look at yourself in the mirror everyday and be proud, you are rich within yourself. ”

Bugzy says Richmond will forever be his home. He fondly recalls playing basketball at the recreation center near Lovonya DeJean Middle School, and adds that his favorite burrito truck is parked on 21st Street.

He said he created Richmen to honor those struggling to attain happiness here and because “so much in the city gets overlooked,” including top students, athletes and musicians. He wanted the city to be “explained right.”

“I took my time with this project,” he said. “I wanted to try to explain what is going on today in the city. I did not want it to be a history lesson.”

Check out the entire mixtape here.

While we don’t have any music videos to share from the album, check out a past track from Bugzy, who appears in the second verse.


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