Dec 18, 2014
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Big scoop from the Contra Costa Times today.

The newspaper reported that Sgt. Michael Wang, a 19-year veteran of the Richmond Police Department, was fired on Dec. 9 stemming from allegations that he “took bribes, arranged drug deals, outed a confidential informant and tipped off a drug cartel member to a federal tracking device.”

The Times first reported about the allegations last year, which were based on a video from a prosecutor’s interrogation of a drug trafficker. The trafficker said Wang took bribes in 2004 and outed police informant Jose Hernandez, who was nearly killed in a shooting in his Richmond home.

Though no charges have been filed as the criminal probe continues, RPD decided there was enough evidence of policy violations that warranted his firing.

However, a defense attorney said Wang’s termination puts “hundreds of convictions” that Wang had worked on in jeopardy. According to the Times, one of that defense attorney’s clients had an attempted murder charge dropped after the allegations against Wang surfaced.


  1. Well, there is a reason why Chief Magnus was brought in to run the department. The drug dealing/payoffs/prostitution/sex favors to Richmond Police Officers has gotten out-of-control. The previous Chief (from Oakland) contributed to the criminal element in the department. There is still much to do in cleaning up the department but this is a good start.

    Marcus Taylor | Dec 18th, 2014

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