Minimum wage in Richmond to increase to $9.60 per hour on Jan. 1

Minimum wage in Richmond to increase to $9.60 per hour on Jan. 1

The minimum hourly wage in Richmond is set to increase on Jan. 1 to $9.60, which is 60 cents more than the state’s minimum wage.

The city’s minimum wage will apply to any employee working more than two hours per week, according to a report from City Manager Bill Lindsay.

The city’s Employment & Training Department sent out information packets on the wage increase to more than 3,000 businesses and the Richmond Chamber of Commerce.

“Employers who pay for less than 800 hours of employee labor in a given 2-week period need not pay the city’s minimum wage until they pay over 800 hours or more of employee labor in a 2-week period,” according to Lindsay’s report.

In May, Richmond council voted to hike the minimum wage, believing the previous minimum wage, which equaled the state’s minimum wage, was not adequate considering the Bay Area’s high cost of living. The vote has the wage increasing in phases to $9.60 in 2015 and $11.52 in 2016. After reaching $12.30 in 2017, the minimum would be adjusted annually to reflect the Bay Area’s Consumer Price Index. Here’s a chart with Richmond’s minimum wage rate schedule:

minimumwage.12-30Other cities including San Francisco and Berkeley have also elected to increase their minimum wages due to the cost of living. San Francisco’s minimum hourly wage increases to $11.05 on Jan. 1 and to $15 per hour in 2018.

For questions and additional information, visit the city websites here or here, or contact Employment Program Specialist Gina Baker at (510) 307-8011 or at