El Cerrito del Norte tallies third most reports of violent crimes of all BART stations

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During the first 10 months of this year, the El Cerrito del Norte station had the third most reports of violent crimes out of BART’s 44 regional stations, according to an analysis by the San Francisco Chronicle.

The newspaper analyzed crime statistics from January through October and listed the top five stations with the most and least tallies for certain crime categories such as violent crime, property theft and stolen vehicles.

San Francisco’s Powell Station tallied 32 violent crime reports, the most of any station, followed by Bay Fair with 31 and El Cerrito del Norte with 29. In 2013, El Cerrito del Norte had the fourth most violent crime reports behind the Powell, West Oakland and Fruitvale stations.

But it should also be noted that El Cerrito de Norte is not in the top five in terms of crime rate – meaning the number of crimes for every passenger who pass through the station. In crime rate, Bay Fair is the most dangerous at 2 crimes per 100,000 passengers, followed by Hayward and Fruitvale. The Chronicle noted that Bay Fair may be leading the way due to Band Camp, a gang that rode BART committing crimes during the summer.

Richmond station did not make any of the lists this year, not a top five most crimes list nor a top five least crimes list. While Richmond station ranked third for highest crime rate in the first 10 months of 2013, encouragingly the local station was no longer on that list in 2014.

The Chronicle also found that violent crimes rose systemwide from 2013 to 2014 by 5.6 percent, and there were also increases in assaults causing injury (up 27 percent), lesser assaults and batteries (26 percent), calls for police assistance (10 percent) and vehicle thefts (31 percent).

“But there were no homicides, robberies decreased 32 percent, and felony arrests were down 6 percent,” the Chronicle reported.

BART took the glass half full approach, saying crime is down in severity despite a 7-percent increase in ridership.

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