Councilmember Corky Booze told he’ll do jail time if junk returns to his Carlson Blvd. property

Councilmember Corky Booze told he'll go to jail if junk returns to his Carlson Blvd. property.

Richmond councilmember Corky Booze faces jail time and a fine if his property doesn’t remain cleared of junk, a judge has ruled, according to the San Francisco Chronicle.

The property at 22 Carlson Blvd. has been the source of complaints for years for harboring heaps of junk including cars, tires and equipment.

The junk, items which Booze said he purchased in order to fix and re-sell, led to blight complaints as far back as 1984, and the councilman has “haggled with city inspectors over zoning and other issues at his property,” the Chronicle reported.

Last week, a Contra Costa County Superior Court judge suspended Booze’s five-day jail sentence over the junk for six months, and ordered him to pay a $1,000 fine. While the site is currently clean, according to Booze and fellow Councilmember Tom Butt, the judge said Booze will be behind bars if the junk returns.

“I haven’t done anything wrong,” Booze told the Chronicle. “You might want to look at pictures presented to the court. There’s no issue. It’s spotless.”

Booze will leave his council seat at the end of the year after losing his reelection bid. He has faced much criticism for disruptive behavior at council meetings, particularly while clashing with councilmembers on issues.