After ‘many years of speeding,’ 35th Street to receive calming measures

After 'many years of speeding,' 35th Street to recieve calming measures
Residents say 35th Street at Clinton Avenue is like a racetrack for drivers.

Persistent speeding along 35th Street in the North & East neighborhood prompted Richmond City Council on Tuesday to make two intersections four-way stops.

The council adopted a resolution to install stop signs along 35th at Solano and Clinton avenues, intersections that are currently two-way stops.

The extra stop signs should slow traffic in the residential area. The wide 35th Street has endured speeding for “many years,” city officials said.

Once installed, the Richmond Police Department will be tasked with monitoring traffic at the two intersections.

In a July letter to Public Safety Committee members, neighbors praised the traffic calming plans and requested more.

“We are hoping that this is just the beginning of many traffic projects to come that will transform our neighborhood from streets that are used as quick and often dangerous thoroughfares into the safe and beautiful community that it deserves to be,” the letter stated.

Neighbors say this stretch of roadway is treated like a racetrack (Google Pedometer)

Current conditions along 35th Street between Roosevelt and Solano avenues encourage burglaries, drag racing and led to two recent accidents, neighbors said.

“It is one of the wider streets and people speed down it like it’s a boulevard,” their letter said.

Drivers also ignore the stop sign at Cerrito Avenue, located a block from Clinton Avenue, when speeding around the corner onto 35th, the residents said.

“It is an area for a lot of screeching and drag racing late at night, ’round and ’round the block in circles. We have many small children in this area,” according to the letter.

They hope the city will consider other calming measures such as speed bumps, roundabouts and cul de sacs, which are “featured all over the city of Berkeley.”

Last year, City Council approved 10 4-way controlled intersections for the North & East neighborhood, according to city documents. In June, traffic calming measures were approved for the streets along Solano Playlot.