Nov 19, 2014

A protest is being planned outside the Walmart at Hilltop Mall in Richmond on Nov. 28, the Friday after Thanksgiving Day.

The protest, set for Black Friday, which is considered to be the biggest shopping day of the holiday season, is scheduled to start at 9:30 a.m. at the store at 1400 Hilltop Mall Road.

Protesters will “stand with Walmart workers in demanding a living wage, full-time jobs, and the respect that they deserve,” said Marilyn Langlois, a Richmond planning commissioner and member of the Richmond Progressive Alliance.

Langlois promoted the protest during public forum at Richmond City Council Tuesday night.

The protest is one of thousands planned at Walmart stores nationwide. Along with full-time jobs, protesters are demanding $15 hourly wages for employees. For more information, visit here.


  1. I plan to be there.

    Mike | Nov 19th, 2014
  2. Wages and a level planning fields will always be the political hot button issue of our day . A real national minimum wage should be adopted , corporate and personal income taxes should be standardized throughout the country . Taxes should be lowered with import taxes raised on certain goods , to keep American jobs in America . With the correct tax structure . wages would rise as the need for good employees would become more competitive .Bringing attention to the issue of the need for higher wages isn’t a bad thing , but what’s the solution ? In my opine a large system adjustment in the American system needs to take place to lower corporate taxes to make America competitive with our countries , this will result in higher wages , as America would have the need for more skilled workers.

    The problems in Richmond are huge .

    1) Hilltop mall is struggling and is in Bankruptcy. A major concern for the city is to redeveloped the mall. The sales at Wal Mart hilltop are down , and possibly could face closure.
    2) As is well know , John Troughton , has approached Wal Mart to relocate to the Richmond Parkway on the old proposed casino site , if this attempt is successful this would move sale tax dollars form the giant retailer from the city of Richmond to the county.
    3. What can our city leaders do to increase sale tax dollars ?

    richard poe | Nov 21st, 2014

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