Richmond residents have close access to some of the best Black Friday deals

Hilltop Mall store on JCPenney closure list

Richmond-area residents have plenty of local options this Black Friday.

Financial website WalletHub ranked 22 major U.S. retailers by their average markdowns on Black Friday, surveying 5,525 deals from ad scans.

Six of the top 10 retailers in terms of average percentage of discounts have local stores, including JCPenny (Hilltop Mall); Macy’s (Hilltop Mall); Sears (Hilltop Mall); Walgreens (Richmond, San Pablo); ACE Hardware (Richmond, El Cerrito) and Staples (El Cerrito).

Other locally-located stores falling lower on the average discount list include RadioShack (Richmond, San Pablo); Target (Richmond); CVS Pharmacy  (Richmond); Walmart (Hilltop) and Big Lots (San Pablo).

JCPenney is offering an average discount of 65.44-percent, the highest, while Costco had the worst average markdowns at 21.14-percent.

Here’s WalletHub’s full list:


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