Youth to plant 25 trees in Richmond thanks to grant

Richmond is about to get 25 new trees thanks to a grant from The Rose Foundation.
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Richmond is about to get 25 new trees thanks to a grant from The Rose Foundation, which supports grassroots initiatives to improve the environment and public health.

The $2,500 grant will employ participants of Richmond YouthWORKS, a program serving at-risk youth, to plant and care for the new trees, the community group Richmond Trees announced in its latest newsletter.

The aim is to offer young people job experience while helping to make local neighborhoods greener and healthier.

According to Richmond Trees: “With the money from the grant plus the proceeds from our recent fundraising activities, Richmond Trees has an ambitious planting schedule this year. We will have planting events on Dec. 14, Jan. 11 and Feb. 15. Please mark your calendars and stay tuned for more details.”

The tree-planting grant, announced Sept. 19, was one of at least three funding initiatives Richmond benefited from this fall from The Rose Foundation for Communities and the Environment.

They included a $4,000 grant to educate communities in Contra Costa and Solano counties on the risk of crude-by-rail transport, along with a $3,000 grant to train Contra Costa County high school students to evaluate toxicity in pesticides used by public agencies, and to identify least-toxic alternatives and protocols.

In March, The Rose Foundation granted $2,500 for food justice-themed murals at community gardens in Richmond.