Video on Denver Broncos star T.J. Ward includes tribute to TK

Video story on Denver Broncos star T.J. Ward includes touching tribute to TK
Denver Broncos star T.J. Ward.

The Terrance Kelly Youth Foundation tipped us off to a new, must-see video from about Denver Broncos star and Antioch native T.J Ward.

The touching story focuses on the adversity Ward has overcome in his career, from playing bigger than his size to a crushing injury while playing at De La Salle.

Of all the obstacles he faced, however, none appears greater than the death of his De La Salle teammate and mentor, Richmond football star Terrance Kelly. At age 18, Kelly was tragically shot to death just two days before departing  to the University of Oregon on an athletic scholarship. The tragedy was depicted in the recently released film, When The Game Stands Tall, about De La Salle’s 151-game win streak.

In’s beautiful video (see below), published on YouTube Monday, TK was called a mentor to Ward who took the future NFL strong safety under his wing. Ward, who attended the University of Oregon, called TK “hands down one of the best athletes in the school.”

Kelly’s father, Landrin Kelly, teared up as he discussed the “love and care” his son had for Ward.

“[Ward] stayed working hard, he stayed committed,” Landrin Kelly said. “A lot of the kids of the day don’t understand, they think it’s the fame, the glory, the money. It’s not about that. He understand where he came from. And the things that he came through? I throw both hands up.”