Oct 16, 2014

Businesses along 23rd Street, Macdonald Avenue and San Pablo Avenue with rampant code and zoning violations are being targeted by the city as part of an effort to improve and beautify the busy thoroughfares, according to the Richmond Police Department, which operates the code enforcement unit.

In a Facebook post Wednesday, RPD announced its intention to clean up the commercial roadways while reporting that a prominent intersection near City Hall has greatly improved since the city worked to clean up an unsightly auto shop.

RPD’s code enforcement unit, which is tasked with ridding the city of blight such as litter and unsightly properties, along with Richmond planners worked with owners of Cottman Transmission at 23rd Street and Barrett Avenue to remedy zoning and code violations.




Richmond targeting unsightly businesses on 23rd, Macdonald and San Pablo

The problems, according to the city, included storage of inoperable vehicles, vehicles parked on the sidewalk blocking pedestrian access on Barrett, fencing without proper screening or materials and equipment, lack of landscaping, excessive signage on 23rd Street and performing auto repairs in an unenclosed area.

Those problems have since been rectified, police said, with the building receiving new paint, a permanent sign, landscaping, new bollards and chains, vinyl slats in the fence and removal of tires hanging on poles.

The department called it a “small victory” that began with the city issuing a Notice of Violation warning letter.

Police called the notice “a very effective way of initiating first contact and getting voluntary compliance for most fence and sign violations.”


  1. Yes – now FIX THE STREETS!!! Fix the crime! Fix the traffic that runs through gas stations so they can avoid the traffic lights!

    Laura Kelley Bourne | Oct 16th, 2014
  2. Will you please site the residence who are building houses behind their house and causing parking problems for the rest of the residences on that block. They dont have permits to build behind their homes and the backyard residence have cars that have to be parked in front of other peoples house, this is not fair. They are suppose to provide parking for their backyard residence in the backyard. For example on South 21st street. The alleys are full of people living behind residences in campers and houses. There are just to many people doing this and the city is not doing anything about it, Why? This is ill legal with out a permit. The ill legal residence have loud parties, roosters and dogs constantly barking, and they are taking up the residence parking in front of there homes. I dont want to be a troublemaker but right is right. And yes our streets most definetly need repair

    Please respond


    Lajuana Delley | Oct 17th, 2014

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