Contra Costa County Board of Supes set to decide whether to give itself a $32,000 per year raise

Supervisors unanimously vote to rescind the 33-percent they gave themselves
(From left to right) John Gioia (District 1); Marcy Piepho (D3); Karen Mitchoff (D4); Federal Glover (D5); Candace Andersen (D2).

Today, members of the Contra Costa County Board of Supervisors are set to decide whether to increase their annual salaries from $97,483 to $129,227 per year, a hike of about 33 percent.

If an ordinance is approved, on Jan.5 next year each supervisor will be paid $10,769 monthly, marking the Board of Supervisors’ first salary increase since 2007.

Going forward, the ordinance would also require the supervisors’ salaries to remain about 70-percent of what Contra Costa County Superior Court judges earn.

While the pay increase seems large, some county officials say it is long overdo.


Some union heads are reportedly opposed to the salary increase. The only supervisor to vote against a proposed increase was Candace Andersen, who told CBS News that she would feel more comfortable with a 2 or 3 percent increase.

“We lead by example, and I’ve spent the last two and a half years saying to employees, ‘I can’t compare our salaries for you…to some of these larger counties because we’re just in a different situation’,” she told CBS.

The Board of Supervisors meeting begins at 9 a.m. Tuesday.