San Pablo residents concerned about crime at Davis Park

San Pablo residents concerned about crime at Davis Park.
San Pablo resident Pedro Ceja talks to KRON4 about crime at Davis Park.

San Pablo residents are concerned about an uptick in robberies at Davis Park, including an incident in which an ice cream salesman pushing a cart was beaten during a mugging.

The story was first reported by KRON4. Several residents told the news station they are fed up with the many robberies occurring near the park. Pedro Ceja, a 17-year resident of the neighborhood, said he was robbed of his gold chain at gunpoint on Oct. 8.

“My neighbor was roughed up and beat up and he’s like in his 70s,” said Linda Ceja, Pedro’s wife.

Some of the incidents haven’t been reported to police, Pedro Ceja said, as many of the victims do not speak English.

Neighbors are demanding an increase in patrols from the San Pablo Police Department, saying the playground at the park is rarely used due to the crime in the area.

On Sunday, San Pablo police announced the arrest of a suspect – identified as Hasaan Ford of Richmond – on charges of robbing Ceja on Oct. 8. Ford was also charged with robbing a woman Oct. 10, and was found in possession of a firearm at the time of his arrest.