Some Point Richmond residents don’t think new streetlights were bright idea, after all

Progress report on installation of thousands of LED streetlights throughout Richmond.
The lights on the right are powered by LED technology. See a better before and after pictures below.

An ongoing project to upgrade or install about 9,000 street lights citywide with energy-efficient LED technology has rankled some Point Richmond residents who say the new lights are ruining their nighttime view and causing glare, Councilmember Tom Butt reported on his e-forum on Friday.

The LED technology’s lamps cast a wider, brighter light and provide better clarity at night, making the streets safer and easier to navigate, according to city officials.

Many residents have lauded the new street lights, but Butt says he’s been receiving a “flood of complaints” from Point Richmond residents.

“People are saying they are ruining their nighttime view or causing glare, and they want them removed or turned off,” the councilmember said, adding that some claim the lights are not “dark sky compliant.”

Butt said he’s received a lot of complaints about streetlights throughout his long tenure on Richmond City Council, usually about how there weren’t enough of them or they were not working.

“For as long as I can remember, people would do anything for a streetlight,” he said. “Now for the first time, I am getting complaints about have too many streetlights!”

As part of his response to Point Richmond residents, Butt provided links to the type of fixtures that has been installed, along with a link to show they are indeed dark sky friendly. Here’s yet another info link.

Butt did tell Point Richmond residents there is a dimmer light at the end of the tunnel. The councilmember instructed residents to email, who will put together a petition.

“If a majority of residents on a block want streetlights turned off, the city will accommodate them,” Butt said.

An image of a street before LED lights were installed


 An image of the same street after LED lights were installed and activated