Salesian College Prep pegs cost of educating each student at $15,500 per year

Salesian preparing for 50th all-you-can-eat crab feed fundraiser

If you ever wondered why private schools vigorously fundraise despite charging tuition, Salesian College Preparatory offered a bit of insight in its October newsletter.

According to the school, which was recently named the county’s “best faith-based high school” in Parents’ Press Magazine, the annual cost to attend Salesian is $14,400 per student. The cost to educate each student, however, is about $15,500, officials said.

The school says its goal is to raise $700,000 from parents, alumni, faculty, staff and benefactors to fund the difference. The funds help cover costs that are not covered by tuition, including the arts, athletics and student clubs. Just as important, fundraising helps provide financial aid to more than 60-percent of Salesian’s student body.

Those who doubt it should cost $15,500 to educate each Salesian student should consider that 99-percent of the school’s graduates attend college – many of them high ranking institutions – and that each student is leased a 32GB iPad with Retina display and campus WiFi to help with their education.