Sep 6, 2014
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Below is the legal complaint from the attorney for Stacie Plummer, the Richmond finance manager and 27-year city employee who claims she was punished for exposing corruption at City Hall.

The lawsuit, filed Tuesday and first reported by the Contra Costa Times, alleges Plummer has been kept from advancing in her career without raises or promotions since she exposed misdeeds by the second in command at City Hall: Assistant City Manager and Human Resources Director Leslie Knight.

Knight resigned last year following an independent investigation that showed she violated several city policies such as “using a city-provided car while also pocketing a monthly car allowance and misusing public employees and equipment,” the Times reported last year.

Since Knight’s resignation, Plummer told the Times, “everyone is scared to report corruption. Instead, they come to me because they know I’m already in trouble.”

Along with Knight, City Manager Bill Lindsay and two other city employees are named in the suit.

Lindsay told the Times the claims “are without merit” and the city “will defend the lawsuit vigorously.”

A majority of Plummer’s 14-page complaint follows:




  1. There appears to be an overall trend of corruption and mismanagement throughout the City of Richmond and its various departments. The elected leadership is ultimately responsible and accountable to the citizens. The questions that needs to be asked is who holds the the top elected positions in the City of Richmond and what issues have they been focused on? It’s well past time to get back to basics with an elected leadership that understands the fundamentals of operating a city. Dispense with the global, social and idealistic agenda and focus on the “nuts and bolts” of good city governance. Pleas of “I knew nothing about this” and “I’m shocked to hear this” just does not cut it!

    Jeffrey Wright | Sep 6th, 2014

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