Sep 17, 2014
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A Google Maps error is partly to blame for traffic confusion at a Point Richmond intersection, and the city is considering a name change to a roadway to solve the problem.

The issue is centered at Brickyard Cove Road and Brickyard Cove Way.

Drivers on Brickyard Cove Road often turn onto Brickyard Cove Way believing the road is a continuation of Brickyard Cove Road.

One reason for the error is that Google Maps has mislabeled Way as Road, which has apparently been sending drivers down the wrong road. Some drivers end up traveling four blocks before having to turn back at Flagship Court.

The Google Maps snafu


Bing Maps has it right

bing.9-17“There are several vehicles, including trucks that routinely make U-turns in an effort to locate Brickyard Cove Road,” city officials wrote in these city documents.

To remedy the problem, some are suggesting that Brickyard Cove Way be renamed, and that city staff contact Google Maps about the mislabeled street.

The issue is scheduled to be discussed at Thursday’s Public Safety Standing Committee hearing.


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