Sep 18, 2014
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Robert started drinking at 9 years old, and after continuing to do so through high school, college, work, marriage and fatherhood, he took up methamphetamine.

“In my family, we were allowed to drink,” he said in Richmond-based Bay Area Rescue Mission’s latest newsletter. “My parents used to have parties and leave alcohol laying all over the place.”

As a story like this generally goes, Robert lost all that he had worked for and his drug problem contributed to four heart attacks in three years.

But then Robert sought help from both a recovery program and also Bay Area Rescue Mission at 200 Macdonald Avenue, which provides a wide variety of services to the region’s homeless.

“I surrendered, not really knowing to whom. I just said, ‘I give up,’” Robert said.

The newsletter’s stories are meant to show others that there is hope, no matter how dire the situation, through programs offered by Bay Area Rescue Mission and other groups.

“I couldn’t believe all the love around this place,” Robert said of Bay Area Rescue Mission. “I started saying, ‘I want some of what they’ve got.’”

Robert, who also turned to the Bible for answers, has now been “giving his all to the Men’s Program” at the Richmond nonprofit.

“I no longer crave alcohol or methamphetamine…My health’s getting better…Even my family is coming back to me,” he says. “This place has given me another chance to live – to be reborn.”

To read Bay Area Rescue Mission’s most recent issue of Bay Area Hope, click here.


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