Man leaves El Cerrito cocktail lounge in several wrong ways

Partying man leaves El Cerrito cocktail lounge in all sorts of wrong ways

A man who drove from the parking lot of an El Cerrito cocktail lounge last week was allegedly intoxicated enough not to realize a police officer was following him, which could explain why he proceeded to drive southbound in the northbound lanes of San Pablo Avenue for several blocks before he was pulled over and arrested.

The incident occurred just before 2 a.m. Friday as the 47-year-old San Francisco man was leaving the Sky Lounge at 10458 San Pablo Ave., the El Cerrito Police Department reported Tuesday.

An officer observed a vehicle turn left out of the club’s parking lot and head southbound in the the northbound lanes of San Pablo Avenue.

The driver was followed for several blocks to Eureka Avenue, where he apparently realized his error and drove over the center median into the southbound lanes.

The officer subsequently pulled him over at Van Fleet Avenue and arrested him on DUI charges.

The driver, whose identity wasn’t immediately available, was booked and transported to the Martinez Detention Facility.