Richmond double homicide on Saturday occurs near to where 44 rounds were fired Thursday

Two men have been arrested on a charge of accessory to murder in connection with a double homicide in the Iron Triangle on Sept. 20, police said.

Two men are dead following a shooting at Fourth Street and Bissell Avenue in Richmond Saturday, which is near to where 44 bullet casings were found after a shooting into an apartment building Thursday, police told Bay City News.

Police responded to a Shotspotter activation about 5:30 p.m. and found a man with gunshot wounds who was pronounced dead at the scene, according to the report. A second man showed up with gunshot wounds at a hospital and died there, police said.

No arrests or suspect information have been reported.

Thursday’s shooting also occurred near Fourth and Bissell and was believed by police to be gang-related, but no one was injured. It was not immediately known the incident was related to Saturday’s killings.

After that shooting, resident who says she lives next to the building that got shot up expressed fear about living in the area on the Richmond Standard Facebook page.

“They are responsible for the last 3 shootings on this block,” the resident said in a post. “I am hoping to move in 2015 and never look back and pray for all my other neighbors who I will leave behind that they don’t get struck my a stray bullet.”