El Cerrito couple in their 90s beaten and bound by heartless robbers

23rd Street fight turns fatal

El Cerrito police are hunting for two heartless robbers who beat and tied-up an elderly couple in their home on Saturday.

The horrific attack was preceded the previous day by a conversation about the victims’ flowers outside their Richmond Street home, police said.

The two suspects, a man and woman, drove up in front of couple’s house and started a conversation about the flowers and eventually talked their way into the home.

“They engaged the husband in conversation while the wife cut flowers for them,” police said.

The suspects left and later in the night the couple realized a wallet, cash and jewelry were missing from a bedroom in their home. Although the couple believed the suspects took their property, the suspects returned the following day with a dolly and were again invited into the home.

“The suspects engaged them in conversation and said the dolly was for the victims to use if needed,” police said. “The male suspect was speaking with the husband while the female suspect asked the wife for warm water. They went to the kitchen.”

The attack began when the couple was separated, with the male suspect attacking the husband and the female suspect attacking the wife.

“The husband was beaten and then bound with duct tape in a back bedroom,” police said. “The wife was beaten and stabbed in the arm with a sharp instrument. She was also bound with light rope.”

The suspects made off with a safe from the home, using the dolly they brought to carry it out.

When the female suspect caught the wife trying to call 911, she beat her again, police said.

As the suspects left, the wife sought help from neighbors while the husband freed himself and called 911. Both were treated at a local hospital.

“Their injuries are very serious but not expected to be life threatening,” police said.

The male suspect was 6 feet tall, 175 pounds, in his 40s, but of unknown race. He walked with a very noticeable limp, the victims said. The female suspect was 5-4, 150 pounds, short hair, in her 40s and wearing a white dress with stripes. The victims didn’t know her race, either, but said she walked with a very noticeable limp.

Both spoke with accents and spoke a language the victims did not recognize, police said. The suspect vehicle was described as a two-door, dark-blue vehicle.

Anyone with information about the suspects or who has knowledge of the case is asked to contact the ECPD at 510-215-4400, 510-237-3233 or anonymously at 510-215-4414 ext 40.