Stanley Roberts’ People Behaving Badly returns to East Richmond Heights with CHP

Stanley Roberts' People Behaving Badly returns to East Richmond Heights with CHP.

Last month, we reported that Stanley Roberts’ People Behaving Badly visited an East Richmond Heights intersection to film drivers running a flashing red light near Mira Vista Elementary School.

Roberts promised he would return to film another KRON segment at the intersection of Arlington Boulevard and Highland Avenue and he did — except this time he joined a California Highway Patrol officer.

Sure enough, multiple citations were written. One driver was questioned about a strong smell of marijuana in his vehicle.

Residents have complained that drivers have been ignoring a flashing red light at the intersection, which is monitored by CHP because it is in unincorporated Richmond. The light only flashes during the start and end of school. While it should be treated as a stop sign, many drivers simply roll right through it.

Special thanks to resident Skip Smith for keeping us updated on this troubling intersection. Drivers have been ignoring the flashing red light there for years despite occasional CHP enforcement, he said.