Shocking ads on BART, AC Transit aimed at helping Richmond’s victims of violence

Shocking ads on BART, AC Transit aimed at helping Richmond's victims of violence.

The shocking advertisements you might be seeing while traveling on BART or AC Transit is part of a new government campaign to let victims of crimes know about the resources available to them.

The ads include images with the bruised-up faces of crime victims, along with the phone number for the California Victim Compensation Program (CalVCP). They began appearing late last month along the bus and railway lines in four of California’s top 10 most violent cities: Oakland, Richmond, Antioch and San Francisco.

Those cities were also chosen because their residents file applications with CalVCP less often then other cities.

shocking.9-10“For years, CalVCP has worked to help all victims of crime know we are here to help,” said Julie Nauman, Executive Officer of the California Victim Compensation Program.

“We’ve spread awareness through collaborative partnerships, social media, trainings and community involvement, but believe this new effort will allow us to reach an even greater, specifically targeted, and more diverse population.

The campaign will run through the end of September.