Dilapidated South 2nd Street lot in Richmond undergoing major renovation

An former play lot on South 2nd Street in the Sante Fe neighborhood of Richmond is undergoing a major renovation.

A former play lot on South 2nd Street in the Sante Fe neighborhood is undergoing a major renovation with help from neighbors, the nonprofit For Richmond, the City of Richmond, Local 342 and the Building and Construction Trades Council.

The South 2nd Street Revitalization Project kicked off in mid-August, For Richmond reported Tuesday.

By this fall, basketball and futsal (soccer) courts are expected to be installed at the lot between Florida and Main avenues, along with bike racks and a shade structure with picnic tables, benches and BBQ pits, the nonprofit said.

Plans for the future play lot.

The once great park was forced to close following a rise in neighborhood crime during the early 1990s, according to For Richmond. Neighbors and local police recently identified the lot’s renovation as another way to reduce crime and establish a new activity area for youths following the closure of the Martin Luther King Jr. Center.

Crews who began clearing the lot last month not only found broken bottles and weeds but also a discarded gun, For Richmond reported. The yet-to-be-named park will include security measures and will be built in a manner that will require minimal upkeep.

The city is assuming much of the cleanup duties and union workers are constructing park equipment in their shops, the nonprofit added.

The story behind the park’s renovation is truly an Only in Richmond report. Learn more about how various local partners banded together to make it happen by reading the full For Richmond report.