Aug 31, 2014
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An intersection near Mira Vista Elementary School in East Richmond Heights was featured on Stanley Roberts’ People Behaving Badly on Thursday following complaints that drivers have been ignoring a flashing red light there.

The popular KRON segment focused on the light at the intersection of Arlington Boulevard and Highland Avenue that only flashes during the start and end of school. While the flashing red light should be treated as a stop sign, People Behaving Badly filmed multiple drivers failing to stop for it.

Richmond Standard reader Skip Smith tipped us off to the KRON segment, stating on our Facebook page, “Well we finally got…People Behaving Badly to record people running the flashing red light on Arlington Blvd.”

Smith said he’s been concerned with the intersection for three years and alerted the California Highway Patrol about the problem, as the agency is responsible for patrolling the area. But drivers are still not heeding to the flashing red light, Smith said.

“The first year in 13 days of being there [CHP] wrote 50 tickets,” Smith said. “But they are only there for an hour and don’t come back for a week or two or three.”

Roberts warned drivers to expect more enforcement at the intersection.


  1. I have been writing to the Richmond police about the stretch of Carlson blvd between central Ave and 880 for a few years now. The posted speed limit is 30mph – during commute hours people use it as a drive around for the 880/580 merge and fly up Carlson towards el cerrito often in excess of 50mph. Sooner or later someone is going to get plowed down on that stretch, and it will probably be a kid or a kid with parents trying to cross the street. It will happen sooner or later – then perhaps it will gain attention

    David e | Aug 31st, 2014

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