CHP: Richmond theft suspect falls asleep before fleeing crime scenes

CHP: Richmond thief chooses worst place to pass out in Sonoma County.

A Richmond man was arrested in Sonoma County early Wednesday after the California Highway Patrol found him passed out in a stolen vehicle containing mail from nearby homes, a partially consumed 24-pack of beer and a methamphetamine pipe, authorities said.

Officers responded at about 6 a.m. to a report of a blacked-out 1994 Toyota that had been blocking Burnside Road in Sonoma County, south of Sebastopol, according to Bay City News.

The driver, identified as 24-year-old Jovali Orozco, was found passed out behind the wheel and appeared intoxicated, the CHP said. The Toyota had been reported stolen in Richmond a day earlier.

A search of the vehicle turned up several pieces of mail with a variety of names. The mail had come from nearby homes that had been burglarized, CHP said. Also, a tool used to steal the vehicle was reportedly found.

Orozco was booked into Sonoma County Jail on a slew of charges including DUI, vehicle theft, burglary and possession of stolen property, burglary tools and drug paraphernalia, Bay City News reported.