Along with ‘zombie’ and ‘creepy doll,’ Rosie the Riveter pitched as cheap Halloween costume

After Beyonce posed as her in a viral photo, the iconic Rosie the Riveter has made a list for best

After Beyonce recently posed as her in a viral photo posted to Instagram, the iconic Rosie the Riveter has made a list for best “practically free” Halloween costume ideas, alongside a creepy doll, a sexy cat and a corpse bride.

Entertainment news website PopSugar released its “44 Practically Free Halloween Costumes to DIY” Sunday. Under that headline was Beyonce’s controversial photo in which she posed as Rosie the Riveter.

“I know you’re already thinking about your Halloween costume,” the website stated. “If you don’t want to go broke splurging on an outfit this spooky holiday, check out some of the best ideas we found that will cost little to nothing to throw together!”

It’ll be interesting to see if the Rosie the Riveter Halloween costume idea catches on, and if so, whether that will ignite yet another round of controversy involving the iconic image.