This video will make you want to visit Richmond’s NIAD Art Center

NIAD Art Center annual fundraiser to be held at Clif Bar headquarters
Talented NIAD artist Billy White has found success in the mainstream contemporary art world.

If you haven’t yet visited the NIAD Art Center, the art program for people with developmental disabilities, a YouTube video posted Monday might convince you to make the trip.

The video (see below) does a great job of explaining the center’s profound contribution to the world of art. One of our favorite parts was the interview with Shana Harper, one of the center’s artists.

“I like that I’m an artist because you don’t get judged,” Harper said. “You don’t get judged about what you think, what you do. Whatever you come up with, if it’s crazy or out of normal project, people don’t judge you. They say, ‘Oh, that’s cool, I like that. It’s different.'”

Timothy Buckwalter, gallery director of the NIAD Art Center, also talked about how some of the work done at the NIAD center has made it into the mainstream art world.

“Our work can be shown here in the context of adult artists with disabilities,” Buckwalter said. “But it can also be shown in the contemporary art world as art on its own two feet.”

See for yourself: