Family of beloved Lincoln Plair have mixed emotions following killer’s sentencing

Family of beloved Lincoln Plair have mixed emotions following killer's sentencing.

The gang member who killed 20-year-old Lincoln Plair in Richmond last year will likely be locked up for the rest of his days, but Plair’s family “did not rejoice” during his  sentencing Friday, according to the West County Times.

Derrick Cooper, one of three gang members accused in the fatal mid-afternoon shooting on Sixth Street March 3, 2013, was sentenced to 50 years to life in state prison, the newspaper reported.

Read the full Times article for Plair’s family’s reaction to the tragic case. Two more defendants linked to the shooting are awaiting trial.

The homicide had a profound effect in Richmond’s Iron Triangle, where Plair was well loved and known for his community service work with the local nonprofit Pogo Park. He was described as a “peaceful, loving, gentle spirit” who was shot while playing with neighborhood children and washing a friend’s car. He reportedly managed to push two children out of the way when the gunfire erupted.

The killing was the result of a gang rivalry. Plair had no known ties to gangs.

Loved ones said Plair was the primary caregiver for his 79-year-old father, who depended on him for shaves, to wash his clothes and cook his food. Plair was fatally shot while washing cars with three 2-year-old children by his side.

In this heartbreaking video filmed eight months before his death, Plair discussed his vision for Richmond: