Jul 22, 2014

Residents living within a two-block area near Richmond’s Annex neighborhood were evacuated late Monday afternoon after a live mortar-type explosive was discovered in a home, police said.

A Travis Air Force Base bomb squad was summoned to remove the explosive device from the residence in the 5200 block of Panama Avenue, Sgt. Nicole Abetkov said Tuesday. The device was brought to a safe location to be destroyed. No injuries were reported.

The home’s resident had recently moved in and found the device while cleaning the garage. The resident apparently picked up and moved the explosive before calling police about 3:30 p.m. Monday, Abetkov said.

The police spokesperson urged residents to never touch such objects and to immediately call police.

“Because it was a military-type explosive, we had to have the Travis Air Force Base bomb squad respond,” Abetkov said.

After evacuating residents, military officials discovered the device was a live explosive and disposed of it.

Abetkov said it is not unusual to find old military explosives in Richmond given the city’s wartime past. In her 15 years serving the Richmond Police Department, Abetkov said she recalls several similar incidents in the city.



  1. CRAZY! I live a block away and was NOT evacuated. Only when I went out on an appointment around 6:30 did I see all the hazmat teams and military bomb squad did I know something was wrong. Kinda scary Richmond PD never notified us!!

    Shannon | Jul 22nd, 2014
  2. I agree! I live two houses down and I was not evacuated! I chose to leave of my own decision and spent 3 hours at Nation’s Burger waiting for the situation to resolve!

    Shantelle | Jul 22nd, 2014
  3. Shantelle, that is ridiculous! I can’t believe the negligence and over all disregard for public safety.

    Shannon | Jul 23rd, 2014
  4. I emailed the Lietenant Whitney,in charge of this “beat” regarding this at cwhitney@richmondpd.net, you might do the same if you were so inclined!

    Shantelle | Jul 23rd, 2014
  5. Thanks I will do so.

    Shannon | Jul 23rd, 2014

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