Councilmember Butt: Comcast no match for Iron Triangle’s free WiFi

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Richmond Councilman Butt says Comcast is no match for Iron Triangle's free WiFi service.
Councilman Tom Butt

by Councilmember Tom Butt (originally published in the councilmember’s e-forum),

After struggling for years with “high speed Internet” from Comcast that was not high speed and intermittent at best, I decided to take a look at the free Internet service spreading in Richmond started by Internet Archive to provide free high speed Internet service in areas where they cost of conventional Internet is a challenge for many residents.

I have spent endless hours with Comcast on the phone or in their “chat room” trying to get my Internet service restored. They have sent out technical people multiple times who pronounced it “fixed,” only to have it go down the next day. My problem was not cost; it was service.

I had read about the free Internet program in stories including Richmond Neighborhood Gets Free Wi-Fi in California and Richmond Neighborhood Gets Free Wi-Fi in California, so I contacted Internet Archives to see if I could get a demonstration. Ralf Muehlen from Internet Archive came out and hooked me up. Life is good. My Internet connection is fast, furious and free. Good-by Comcast!