Ex San Pablo police chief, hired as city’s interim assistant GM, has pretty sweet financial situation

Ex San Pablo police chief, hired by city as interim assistant GM, gets salary along with retirement pay.
Former San Pablo police Chief Walt Schuld has been hired back by the city for a new purpose.

Recently retired San Pablo police chief Walt Schuld, who has been hired by the city as interim assistant general manager for six months, will be paid nearly $100 an hour on top of his comfy retirement package, according to the West County Times.

Schuld is replacing retired GM Kelsey Worthy until a permanent replacement is found. As interim GM, Schuld will earn $97.58 per hour for up to 960 hours of work, the Times reported.

That alone is a comfy salary, but remember Schuld also just retired after 31 years of service to the San Pablo Police Department. As part of his police retirement package, he receives $182,671 annually, or 90-percent of his final base salary. He’ll be receiving that annual sum for the rest of his life.

Interestingly, Schuld’s new, high-paying temporary gig as GM will actually save taxpayer dollars. Read the full Times article to find out how.