Victims of stolen, vandalized vehicles in Richmond might soon get grace period on towing, storage fees

A proposal to give Richmond residents a 48-hour grace period on towing and storage fees after their car was stolen or vandalized was put on hold Thursday.

Owners of vehicles that were towed after being stolen or vandalized in Richmond might soon get a 48-hour grace period on tow and storage fees.

On Thursday, Richmond’s public safety committee will vote on a proposal to allow crime victims to reclaim their vehicles within 48 hours without having to pay fees.

The new rule was proposed after community members complained about being victimized twice: First by thieves and vandals, and then by the tow companies that charge hundreds of dollars to release vehicles.

The proposal for a 48-hours grace period was not well received by tow companies.

“All towing representatives voiced opposition to the waiver of fees explaining that the money waived would greatly impact them financially,” Medina said. “However, none of the companies contacted advised that they would not enter into a contractual agreement because of the fee waiver.”

Six tow companies have submitted proposals for contracts with the city. They include Bay Area Tow; Freeman’s Tow; Certified Towing; S & S Tow; Oliver’s Tow; Lenz Inc dba: Civic Center Tow.