Pogo Park begins construction on new Iron Triangle park and playground

Iron Triangle's Harbour-8 Park finished in just six months; officially opens Friday
This photo was taken by Pogo Park in July, when construction of the Harbour-8 park began.

Construction began Thursday on the Harbour-8 Park project, located at Harbor Boulevard and 8th Street along the Richmond Greenway, according to Iron Triangle nonprofit Pogo Park, which turns rarely used open spaces into vibrant parks and playgrounds.

Just like the newly vibrant Elm Playlot, Pogo Park’s staff of neighborhood residents will build the playground by hand. They will be trained by Ron Holthuysen of Scientific Art Studios, who also worked on Elm Playlot.

Elm Playlot has been such a success this summer that its hours were extended.

The nonprofit aims to repeat its good work on the Harbour-8 project, which got a boost from a grant from The Trust for Public Land (TPL). The park will feature a children’s playground surrounded by gardens, according to Pogo Park.

“We plan to build this park in stages starting with the playground, which will include a spider-web, sandbox, tot swings, and a shade structure,” the nonprofit stated on its Facebook page.

Pogo Park said it aims to complete Harbour-8 by August.

“Our innovative, community-driven approach to building this park has prompted TPL to use Harbour-8 as the pilot project for similar grants in other communities,” according to Pogo Park.

For more information about the Harbour-8 Park project, visit Pogo Park’s website here.

On Thursday, construction began on the Harbour-8 Park, located at Harbor Boulevard and 8th Street along the Richmond Greenway.