Do you know the origins of this gorgeous Richmond Greenway mural?

Photo by B K Williams.

Richmond Art and Culture Commissioner Phillip Mehas emailed us this amazing Richmond Greenway mural under the subject line: Beautiful Richmond.

We couldn’t agree more.

Mehas also worked to find out the mural’s origins, learning from Michele Seville, the city’s Arts & Culture Manager, that the artwork was done about six years ago through a $2,500 grant from the Recreation Department.

“We found a young artist who was a summer volunteer who wanted to do a project on the Greenway,” Seville said in an email. “She worked with school kids – I think from Lincoln.”

Then in 2012, Seville explained, the Community Rejuvenation Project added the hummingbird and flower above the puzzle mural, accomplished through a grant from the City of Richmond’s Neighborhood Public Art fund.