Vice Mayor Beckles claims she didn’t say ‘f— you’ in council chambers; amends statement to ‘effing idiot’

Richmond police outraged by Beckles' Facebook post
Richmond Vice Mayor and Richmond Progressive Alliance member Jovanka Beckles.

The West County Times weighed in over the weekend on the drama involving Vice Mayor Jovanka Beckles, and it’s worth reading.

Beckles wants heckling public members to be suspended from attending council meetings for six months at the same time as she is defending an episode in council chambers in which she cursed out fellow councilmember Corky Booze.

The Richmond Standard first reported the irony of Beckles’ proposal to temporarily ban vulgar and disruptive public members. The vice mayor was not pleased by our article, calling it “trash journalism” and then ranting during a council meeting that she didn’t say “F— You” to Booze in council chambers.

During that rant, Beckles also took to Facebook to defend herself, according to the Times. The following day, apparently still upset, she used Facebook again to clarify her statement.

“Fascinating how some make a big deal about the fact that I called Corky to his face; to him (not the public, not on a blog, to his face, during a recess he caused after disrupting the meeting) an effing idiot,” she wrote, according to the Times.

While Beckles claims no one in council chambers heard her curse, fellow council member Nat Bates and some audience members argue otherwise.

Tonight, the council is expected to vote on the six-month ban for disruptive public members. Beckles says she is particularly targeting a few public members known for uttering anti-gay slurs and other hateful comments and for generally disrupting meetings. Beckles is reportedly Richmond’s first openly gay councilmember.

When the vice mayor first introduced her proposal at a recent council meeting, she began: “As a mental health professional, I have serious concerns about the bad behavior that we are modeling for young people and our community.”